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Toilet Repairs in Kew Gardens NY

We are always ready to help you with toilet repairs, like toilet clogs, lack of flushing power, running toilets and other toilet related repairs or replacement.

Toilet Leak Repair Services

 Running toilets are often ignored in the initial stages leading to much bigger problems like toilet overflow issues. The easiest way to identify a running toilet is when you hear a prolonged sound of water continusously running even after a few minutes of flushing. Running toilets are often caused by a corroded pipe or a flush valve assembly. Water is dumped down through the overflow tube and you can lose up to 300 gallons of water each day. Instead of trying to figure out how you can fix your problem give us a call so that ourtoilet experts can analyze and fix your running toilet in no time.

Toilet Replacement Services

Old toilets spends about 3.5 gallons per flush whereas newer ones use 1.6 gallons and provide the same amount of flushing power ( as 3.5 gallons) using low flow design techniques. You can purchase a toilet from any store and call us for installation.

Toilet Unclogging Services

Toilet clogs are pretty common when it comes to toilet repairs. Your toilet water won’t flush and it keeps rising on the toilet bowl until it spills on the floor. Toilet clogs often leads to panic and distress but we are here to solve all your toilet clogging issues. Sometimes all it takes is cleaning up the toilet trap but often the problem lies deep within your toilet drain. Our experts will analyze your toilet clogging and come up with a perfect solution for it.