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Emergency Drain Cleaning Services in Kew Gardens New York

We provide the most professional drain cleaning service in New York. Drain cleaning machines were first used commercially in 1935 and the core technology is still the same with our modern day drain cleaners. The drain cleaners use blades to cut through the clogged debris and restore the flow of water in your blocked pipe. Drain blockage can be caused due several reasons listed below.

Bathroom Sink: Drain Unclogging Services

The most common drain clogging takes place in our bathroom sink drains. These drains are often clogged with materials like toothpaste, food, hair and other common household goods. We provide a wide range of solutions to unclog your bathroom drain. We will not only clear the sink of any clog but also clean the drain pipe so that your sinks will drain like new ones.

Toilets: Drain Unclogging Services

Toilet drains are often clogged with toilet papers, kid toys and other toilet accessories blocking the entire toilet draining system and over-flooding your toilet. We use a specialized machine that uses specialized spring blades to cut through any obstruction inside your toilet drains and restore the water flow in the most efficient way possible.

Bath tubs and Shower Drains: Drain Unclogging Services

Shower and tub drains are often clogged due to hair and soap building on the inner walls of the pipe. Our service professionals will use a specialized machine to clean your shower and bath tub drain pipes of any debris while restoring proper flow of water through them.

Kitchen Sink: Drain Unclogging Services

Kitchen drains take a lot of time to clog. The drain pipes in your kitchen begin to slow down over a span of time due to the accumulation of grease, detergents, food waste soaps and fats on the inner walls of the pipes, eventually causing blockage. Our professionals who specialize in kitchen drain cleaning will use a machine to cut through the clog and remove all debris.

Floor Drains: Drain Unclogging Services

Floor drains are found mostly in boiler rooms, basements, patios, laundry room and garages. You should always test these drains to ensure that they aren't clogged and the water can be drained out effectively without any clogging. Simple things like dirt and debris can clog your floor drain which leads to a bad smell throughout the building. Our professionals are trained to deal with these situations and unclog any floor drains.